Fluent Networks

Fluent Networks are inspired by biological and microscopic structures which undergo transmutation or are effected by change.

Whilst researching for my degree thesis on the creative immersive experience at Central Saint Martins, I became very interested in the physicist David Bohm’s holistic ideas of reality, consciousness and creativity.

I then began a series of paintings entitled ‘Implicate Order’, the term he used to describe the nature of interactive relationships within the material world which begin at a subatomic level and can be discerned at all levels of life and society.

I used amongst other images, crystalline structures and sound waves to explore some of these ideas. These are then physically manipulated and layered in the process of making the painting, whilst the colours used offer another level of sensory experience. Further patterns and images may then be created in the eye of the viewer.

This interest in transformation and change forms the basis for all of my series of work but particularly this gallery of images.

The most recent small canvases at the end of this section relate to connections disrupted and time passing.