Bodymapping & Earlier Work

This work includes a series of imagined internal body spaces and and references visceral, sensory and cognitive spaces to offer an impression of a magnified space in a micro world.

I became pregnant with my daughter at the end of my final year at Central Saint Martins whilst making these paintings. Before I knew I was pregnant, I painted ‘Pulse Echo’, which I felt reflected the inner pulse of deep communication between mother and child. I believe it was a profound intuitive response to what was happening within me at the time. The work sold and sadly I don’t have a reproduction of the final painting.  I created a further commission piece entitled ‘Pulse’ seen below but without it’s Echo..

Other images  explore my fascination with altered states of consciousness like the hypnogogic and hypnopompic stages of sleep and dream states. I also am fascinated by synaesthesia – the crossover of different sense modalities that a lot of people experience to varying degrees.

Another way of creating work involves Intuitive responses to marks and stains which may suggest figures and forms that offer narratives to also be interpreted by the viewer.

This approach has a similarity to improvisation in the theatre. This approach  led to a number of quick pen and ink sketches that I have included in another website whilst engaged as an artist-in-residence  with theatre companies based around specific productions. Here is the link: