Whether drawn, painted, photographed or sculpted, portraiture has always interested me as a way of depicting both the inner and the outer character of an individual. When young I would enjoy sketching faces and creating caricatures.

Most of the portrait images below are short duration studies from group classes.

Being able to both observe and communicate with someone whilst painting them is a special dialogue: the multiple layering of both paint and psychological insights that evolve during the process of engaging with each individual is a unique and rewarding process.

The portraits of my daughter Tiggen, involved my interest in the nature of transformation. By using the device of depicting her face through a glass of water offered the opportunity to explore psychological impressions too. It intrigued me to see the image constrained within the water of the glass also resembled myself… naturally this too, added another dynamic to the image as a whole.

Earlier paintings of figures in water also relate to this theme and other intuitive portraits express states of emotion and sensation, entitled ‘Synaesthesia’ and were made in response to my interest in this cross fertilisation of sense modalities – such as seeing words or numbers as colours. Some of my own synaesthetic experiences involve touch and sound as colour, pattern and image. My aim for these paintings is to suggest the fleeting impressions and sensations experienced in this way and also relate to meditative or alternate states of awareness.

Other figurative work has a more narrative emphasis. Some of these are part of artwork from theatrical productions.