Whether drawn, painted, photographed or sculpted, portraiture has always interested me as a way of depicting both the inner and outer character of an individual. When young I would enjoy sketching faces and creating caricatures.

After attempting some paintings and drawings of my daughter Tiggen, I realised I needed to learn more about working from life and observation again, so I enrolled on courses with the aim to develop my approach and technical ability. These short duration studies are on this site and the aim is to spend a prolonged duration developing more fully realised and rendered portraits. I really enjoy being able to observe and engage with each individual alongside exploring new ways to handle paint. My interest is in exploring the dialogue: the multiple layering of both paint and psychological insights that evolve during the process of engaging with each individual.

The initial portraits of Tiggen were again concerned with my fascination with transformation – using the devise of seeing her face through a glass of water offered the opportunity to focus on other elements of her. I was also interested to see that the image contained in the glass resembled myself so this too added another dynamic to the image as a whole.

Along with some of my earlier figures in water, were using the portrait to express states of emotion and sensation which I titled ‘Synaesthesia’. These were made in response to my interest in the cross over or blending of sense modalities – for instance seeing words or numbers as colours. Some of my own synaesthetic experiences involve touch and sound as colour, pattern and image. I would like these paintings to suggest the fleeting impressions and sensations experienced in this way. This work will be continued.

Other figure work has been along more narrative lines and are included within some of the theatre based work I have created in the past. This again is another theme I am currently very interested in investigating and hope to create another gallery on this in the future.