I’d be happy to discuss commissions for you whether it’s for your private or or business space.

I have undertaken commissions for clients of artwork that has been similar to paintings or pieces that have already sold. This means I am able to work with an alternative sizes or colour palettes. This approach has worked successfully for a number of private clients and businesses.

As I like making portraits that reveal something unique about the individual I’d be delighted to create portrait commissions of yourself, family members, friends or colleagues.

Of course It’s helpful to meet you and get a feel for what we could create together for you. So, if you’d like additional photographs taken, alongside a few sittings to make initial sketches or to just working directly on the painting together we can work that out to make up the final piece that you can be happy with. However, I do appreciate that’s not always possible due to time or other constraints so I am happy to also work solely from photographs.

Cost and payment methods will then be worked out according to your needs.