I am happy to undertake commissions for both private and business clients.

Occasionally I have undertaken commissions for clients that are similar to paintings or prints of work that has previously sold or is now within a private collection.  This also means I am able to work with an alternative size or colour. This approach has worked successfully for a number of private clients and businesses.

I am happy to create portraits of yourself, colleagues, family or friends. I can work solely from photographs or include sittings, using sketching and  photographs to make up the final piece. I like making portraits that reveal something unique about the individual.

If there are artworks or a project you would like to discuss for your office, restaurant, sports clubs or another space, please contact me on the details provided on this website. This may entail, providing a selection of existing work on a rental or rental-to-purchase basis. Alternatively it may involve creating new bespoke work, including prints. I will arrange to meet you, view your space as well as discuss your requirements.

Cost and payment methods can then be worked out according to your criteria.