Commercial Display

I am happy to undertake commissions of work for both private and business clients.

If there is a project you would like me to undertake such as providing work for your offices, restaurants, sports clubs and so on please contact me on the details provided on this website and I   can arrange to come along and view your space and talk about your requirements.

This may entail, providing a selection of existing work on a rental or rental to purchase basis. Alternatively it may involve creating new bespoke work, including prints, for your space.

Cost and payment methods can then be worked out according to your criteria.

Existing commissions of paintings and prints along similar lines to work that may have been already sold or is preferred with an alternative size or colour approach have been provided for private clients and businesses

I also am happy to create portraits of yourself, family or friends. I work from life, often making sketches and taking photographs – all of which go to make up the final piece.I am interested in making portraits that show something unique about the individual, whether this is revealed in the approach taken to portraying them or by the environment they may be placed in – such as the swimmer series in water for example as well as recent portraits of my daughter which are included on this site.