This site contains images of distinct thematic series of work which all explore the broader theme of metamorphosis or transformation in different ways. These collections can be viewed as individual galleries by following the links.

I utilise the forms and structures I select to explore the changes that take place when objects interact with each other or pass from one state to another. I am interested in what effect both the object and subject have on each other; how this interaction causes them both to undergo transformation at some level, how this is perceived or interpreted by the viewer, and the degree to which this alteration may persist or leave traces of change.

I make use of these transmutations visually by playing with spatial depth, surface, edges and boundaries, shifting clarity and focus whilst attempting to create some sense of dynamic movement. The colours I use reflect the mental, emotional or sensory choices I make about each piece. These choices also emerge from my attempts to express visually my experience of synaesthesia; the interaction and cross fertilisation between different sense and experiential modalities.

For further information regarding acquiring, commissioning and leasing, or to view the work directly please contact me to make an appointment on djp123@btinternet.com or call 07775 593641